Everyone knows you don't date your best friends son. Right?


I would never do something like that… 

But when my best friend asks me if his son could stay for a few weeks until he got on his feet, the plan wasn’t to fall for him.

I know I should stay away from Elliot. He's half my age and I’m not even sure he’s gay. 

But no matter how hard I try all I can think about is making Elliot mine.



I've known Scott all my life. He's been there for me and my dad countless times. 

So why do I suddenly have such a huge crush on him? 

Seeing him after my years away in college has changed everything. I can't stop looking at him. I can't stop thinking about him. His whole vibe screams Daddy and I'm officially confused. 

Am I falling in love with my dad's best friend?

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