28th April 2019

Axel has done the stupidest thing ever. He kissed his straight best friend at the guy’s stag do and now he’s run away to the Lake District to lick his wounds.

All he wants, in fact, all he's ever wanted is a Prince of his own. 


Who knew running would lead Axel straight to his very own fairytale? No really. His new mate, yeah, that’s a thing, lives in a magical valley and there’s a castle and he’s telling Axel it’s going to be the two of them forever.  


Did Axel mention in this fairytale he can have babies and his mate turns into a wolf? 


Malek has travelled the world searching for his mate, and now he’s actually here, in Malek’s family’s forest. It’s turning out to be the best day of his life. 



28th August 2019

When he decided to surprise his boyfriend for a weekend, Alfie got the shock of his life. Apparently, the clock struck twelve and his prince—or in this case an earl—became a frog.

But as the saying goes, you have to kiss a couple of frogs...  

Only now, Alfie’s trust had been shattered and he just wanted to lick his wounds. He called one of his older brothers, Axel, for help, not realising that doing so would change his life in ways he never imagined.

Malachi Whitfell had watched his older brother find his mate and settle down. And as much as he wished it wasn't the case, he’s completely jealous.

When he got the call to help his brother’s mate, he didn’t expect to meet his... Axel’s baby brother. Now all he had to do was get Alfie to see that not all guys are like his ex and he’d found the one person who will never hurt him.


Life is  as close to perfect as it could until Alfie’s frog showed up again... but Alfie’s already found his knight in shining armour—or wolf skin...



Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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