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Stranded With His Boss

4th Jan 2019

In a season of surprises… 


With all flights canceled due to an incoming snowstorm and no vacancies left in the small town of Amber Falls, Ford Erickson reluctantly agrees to take his hot, rich boss home for Christmas. 


Already fighting a sky-high attraction to the aloof Mr. Lancaster, how is Ford supposed to cope with having him within touching distance in the adjoining room for the holidays? 


He’s bound to make Santa’s naughty list with all that temptation.


A family Christmas in a small town was not at all the way Sawyer Lancaster had expected his holiday to go… and his plans definitely hadn’t included his adorable assistant and his lovely parents who welcome him into their home with open arms. No. This wasn’t at all how his holiday break had been meant to play out. Sawyer’s schedule had consisted of him showing up and spending the bare minimum amount of time with friends before going back to his cold apartment… alone. 


But then again, the best gifts don’t always come wrapped in pretty bows.


Sawyer finds himself grabbing the chance to share the season with Ford and his parents. What he’d secretly yearned for was now within his grasp… and even included a family to go along with the dream. When the weather clears will Sawyer find to the courage to accept that maybe, just maybe, he’s found the perfect gift in Ford?

Forever With His Boss

Coming Soon

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