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Stranded With His Boss

Holiday at home, check. Snowstorm, check. Hot boss ... check?

Ford Erickson didn't plan to take his hot, and very rich boss home for Christmas. But when an incoming snowstorm grounds flights and there are no vacancies in the small town of Amber Falls, Ford finds himself in close quarters with the aloof man he’s been lusting over.


He’s bound to make Santa’s naughty list with all that temptation.

A family Christmas in a small town was not how Sawyer Lancaster expected his holiday to go… and his plans definitely hadn’t included his adorable assistant and his lovely parents welcoming him into their home. More like a holiday in his cold apartment… alone.

But then again, the best gifts don’t always come wrapped in pretty bows.

When the weather clears, will Sawyer find to the courage to accept that maybe, just maybe, he’s found the perfect gift in Ford?

Forever With His Boss

Ford broke the rules and fell for his boss. Hard. All that time stranded together over Christmas, who could blame him?

And maybe it was the magic of sleigh rides and kisses under the mistletoe, but... Sawyer fell for him too. Or, heck, maybe not. Because now that Sawyer had been called back to NYC, he'd gone radio silent.


Like... nothing, nada, zilch.


He was only supposed to be gone ten days, but now it's been a month and Ford is losing his cool. Would it be too crazy to hop a plane and go looking for him?


But what Ford finds when he gets there only deepens his confusion, because his boss is holding a toddler and suddenly everything Ford had thought about his boss makes him question if he even knows the man he’s fallen for.

Has Sawyer been leading a double-life this whole time and he's just too lovestruck to notice?

Holding On To His Manny

Coming Soon

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