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Wish Upon A Family

Kairo likes his life simple. No strings. No responsibility. The last thing he wants is to be tied to a mate. Domestic life just isn’t his style. So when he finds fate has bound him to a shifter already raising two children, his answer is simple. No thanks! 

Justin is barely keeping his head above water. After the death of his sister and her mate, he's been left with a struggling bakery, a crumbling house and two small children to raise. The last thing he needs is some playboy flying in and out of his life causing him more trouble. But part of him hopes this djinn has more substance than meets the eye. After all, he calls to Justin’s wolf.

Two adorable shifter toddlers, baking disasters, and meddling brothers. Will Kairo be able to trust that fate knows best before it’s too late and he loses his family?

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