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A Family For Keeps

After being thrust into unexpected fatherhood four years ago by the tragic loss of his sister, Tristan discovers the baby he's fallen for was accidentally switched at birth.

As soon as he meets the father of the other child, he realizes parenthood wasn't the only surprise Fate had in store for him. 

Nathaniel is everything Tristan always wanted in a partner, but how could he even hope to have a chance with someone under these tragic circumstances?

While Nathaniel is fighting for his daughter's life, Tris discovers a deep need to fight for both of them—for all of them.

Because they're a family now, like it or not, and Tris is determined to do whatever it takes to convince Nathaniel that together, they are a family for keeps.

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His Instant Family

Ever since his wife died leaving him a single father of three, Dr. Michael Ashworth has thrown himself into his work. But it's come at a cost.

Though he's now one of the best in his field, he's missing something. 

When he meets shy Teo, suddenly, he realizes what he's been missing, and he's shocked to discover it's a man.

When word of his new interest in the smart, shy, and very male novelist starts to spread... Michael's rebellious teenager and bigoted in-laws threaten the happy future that's finally in his grasp.

Can Michael have it all or will he have to give up the man he loves, to keep his family together?

Christmas for Keeps.jpg

Christmas For Keeps

A little Christmas catch up with Tristan and Nathaniel, Teo and Michael and the rest of the gang, as they celebrate Christmas and start building their traditions together as a family. 


Enjoy Tristan's attempt to give Nathaniel a Christmas as he has never had and a little peek at what is to come for Cris and Lain. 

***This is NOT A STANDALONE***

The Family We Make.jpg

The Family We Make


Teo and Michael have done everything on fast forward -- meeting, falling in love and now happily dating.

But Teo is ready for the next step, because every time he leaves his man and goes home to his empty house, his heart breaks.

However, there’s more than just himself and Michael to consider with kids involved.


Michael has known Teo is it for him from their very first date. Not only does he make Michael happier than he’s ever been, but he’s also made him a better father to his kids.

All that’s left now is to make it official.

As Valentine's Day draws near, Michael wants to do something special, but he's going to need some help to keep it a secret from Teo. And finally, do what is necessary to claim his man.

***This is NOT A STANDALONE***

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His Reluctant family-comingsoon.jpg

A Family Of His Own


Former Navy SEAL Xavier Thierry knows he’s good at his job… protect the client. Do the job but never get too close—that’s his motto.

When the friend he owes for saving his life asks for a favor, the answer is yes—no questions asked. But babysitting some pampered brat is nowhere on his to-do list.

That is, until he first lays eyes on him, and he’s nothing like Xav expected.

He wasn’t sure when this man stopped being a job, but the rules blur once Cris ends up in his arms. How can Xavier let him go when he’s the only one who chases away the darkness?


Cris Whitcomb thought he finally found his happily ever after… But the fairytale soon became a nightmare, one that left him with only one choice—to push away those he loves to protect them.

Only his family refuses to be pushed away. Their solution? Call in someone who can be trusted to protect him.

What happens when the best hope for his future walks in on the worst day of his life? Maybe sometimes you have to go through the bad to get the best...

One who knows the pain of loneliness, another haunted by memories he can’t seem to outrun... Maybe they are exactly what each other needs…


His Reluctant Family

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