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Safe In His Arms

An omega on the run, just trying to survive...

A reluctant alpha...

Roman is fine with his life.

While his brothers and cousins are hoping and searching for their fated mates, Ro isn't in any hurry. But fate has other plans, an intoxicating scent, an omega in distress leads him to a mate he wasn't sure he even wanted.

Devon is on the run from an abusive Alpha. He's just trying to survive, keep his head down and go unnoticed. The plan is to make as much as he can and then be on his way... but this time his wolf refuses to cooperate.

When he gets attacked, Devon is ready to suffer through, just as he's done many times in the past, but an alpha steps in, and now he says their fated... but what if he's just another man in a long line trying to take from Devon, what he's not willing to give?

Or maybe he's a future Devon never imagined.

Home In His Arms

Home In His Arms.jpg

Ollie has always known he’s adopted, but he had no idea he was a freak. 

Imagine the shock he got when he found out he’s not quite human… The only thing he can think to do is run before the only family he’s ever known discovers his secret, and toss him aside like the woman that birthed him. 

As if finding out you’re a four-legged creature that howls isn’t bad enough, someone’s snatched him and is holding him captive. 

Ollie is terrified and losing hope, and has no idea if he's ever going to see his family again. Until he hears a voice in his head that promises him he's safe. 

Ronin is a man on a mission. As a former soldier, he’s used to saving people and dangerous situations. He’s off to track down the person that hurt his twins mate, and the last thing he’s looking for is someone for himself. However, fate has a funny way of intervening. 

Ollie is everything he never knew he was looking for. Ronin is the intense alpha Ollie finds himself drawn to. Both discover they need each other before they even meet.


Can Ronin keep his mate safe, or will he lose Ollie before they even have a chance to enjoy forever?

Whole In His Arms.jpg

Whole In His Arms

Phoenix couldn’t be happier. He’s finally found his mate and they’re planning their forever. The only thing that’s missing is the truth about his past.

Orphaned at a young age, Nix has always had questions. When the opportunity comes along for him to finally know the truth, he’ll stop at nothing to get those answers, even if that means putting himself in danger and leaving his newly pregnant mate.

River, wanting to be supportive of his mate, says goodbye. But having him leave so soon after finding him sends the omega through a whirlwind of emotions. He doesn’t want to lose his mate, but he refuses to stand in Nix’s way.

With the support of family and friends, River is hoping to hold on long enough for Phoenix to come back home… to him and their baby.

Will Nix be able to find the answers he’s longed for before it’s too late? Or, will he find his siblings just to have them taken away?

Healed In His Arms

Healed In His Arms.jpg

A newborn. A sudden illness. No help in sight.

Or so Jax believes. He couldn’t be more wrong because Ryder is there, ready and waiting to lend a hand.

This time, the alpha is offering more than a doctor-patient relationship. He’ll do whatever is necessary to take the relationship with his mate to the next level.

Even if it means hiding how he feels until his Omega is ready.

Jax has been through hell. Can he truly trust that Ryder is ready to offer him everything… a true partner, a life of happiness, and a doting alpha father for his child?

Unspoken dreams do come true. Finally, Jax is happy.

Then tragedy strikes, taking both Jax and their child away from Wildwood. Desperate, Ryder puts aside his oath to ‘do no harm.’ He’ll stop at nothing to find his family. 

Will Ryder be able to find Jax in time?

Ryder is a man on a mission, and he doesn’t care what path he needs to take, as long as it leads him to his family.

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