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His Stubborn Bear (Big).jpg

His Stubborn Bear

After losing his Papa and breaking up with his boyfriend, Kian finds himself alone in the world. Accepting a job and moving across the country to Montana spur of the moment is crazy, right? 

And then there’s Gabe, his best friend’s older brother. Kian has no idea why the man makes his pulse race the way it does. But there is one thing he does know, Gabe hates every idea Kian comes up with for the ranch’s rebranding.

Gabe is set in his ways. The last thing he needs is a human coming in and changing things. Yet the moment he lays eyes on Kian, he knows he found his mate. There’s just one problem. Kian doesn’t know that shifters even exist.

Will his mate be able to handle the truth of what Gabe is and accept that they’re fated?

His Patient Bear.jpeg

His Patient Bear

Austin loves his life. He’s the youngest mayor in Asheville’s history, currently serving his second term. He doesn’t think anything is missing until Nash blows into town like a whirlwind. Austin didn’t know trouble could look so good.

Nash only has one rule: Never show weakness. So what if people think he’s rude and arrogant? Good. If they don’t like him, they won’t get close. Better to be disliked than treated as less than capable just because he’s an omega.


He is ready to go toe to toe with any alpha. Until Austin. The only alpha who makes him feel things that scare him.

And he wants to claim Nash.

His Determined Bear.jpeg

His Determined Bear

Graham’s biggest passion is baking delicious treats. So when his favorite teacher asks him to bake a wedding cake, he can’t turn it down! However, he isn’t prepared to meet Cooper, the son of the bride who looks good enough to lick. One sniff and he knows Cooper’s his mate. But what does the man do? He criticizes Graham’s brownie recipe! Now Graham is determined to show his mate who’s boss… of the kitchen.

Cooper takes his first vacation in years to attend his mother’s wedding. He thought his world would be turned upside down when he learns about shifters, but a neurotic baker has him in a full tailspin! Forget the brownies, Cooper could eat Graham. Too bad his visit to Asheville is only temporary. In a few weeks, he’ll be back to work and Graham will be a very warm and fuzzy memory.


Or so he thinks. 

What happens when a cranky opinionated omega meets a sweet yet determined bear?

His Protective Bear 1.jpeg

His Protective Bear

Hunter can’t go into the diner one more day and stare at his fated mate. They’ve known each other since high school, but whenever Hunter comes near Sage he ignores him or bolts. Hunter needs his mate. He’s tried to give him time, but his bear won’t let him wait much longer. Hunter craves Sage in every way and he needs to hear the man at least acknowledge that they’re mates.

Sage is a mess. He’s been in love with Hunter since they were in school together. The popular, athletic, alpha was everything he wasn’t. And Sage longed for him. But whenever Hunter comes around his mouth runs dry and his legs turn to jelly. Sage knows there can never be anything between them. Hunter is the sheriff and part of the most powerful family in town. And Sage is just a cook at his father’s diner.

But underneath it all Sage knows it doesn’t matter. It’s best he keep his distance so no one ever finds out the truth about him. Never again.

His Omega Bear (CCS).jpeg

His Omega Bear