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Unsuitable Omega



As the first son of a wealthy family, there are expectations. He has to marry the right omega, and have blue-blooded children.


Nickolas is prepared to do his duty until an encounter with an omega, so far from his world, changes everything.

For the first time, he’s met someone who sees him and not his wealth but can love overcome years of duty and expectations?




What is an omega to do when he is alone in the world? Survive of course.


Jaimie leaves his small town for the city and for the first time in his life he gets to be young and free. But, no one has told him the consequences.


Now he’s pregnant by a man who thinks he’s only good for one thing.


Jai is proved right when he discovers that the alpha intended to save marriage and children for an omega who is more suited to his wealth and status.


What is an omega to do when he’s pregnant and alone and not sure he can trust his alpha?


But now he has no other choice and only one person he can turn to.

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Undercover Omega


It was the most emotional time of his life. His papa couldn’t stop crying, his father told him exactly what to do, so he wouldn’t ruin his life. The sire of his child, an alpha Riley had naively trusted is nowhere to found.

When the pressure gets too much, sixteen-year-old Riley agrees he’s too young to raise his child, so he signs away his rights and gives him to a loving couple chosen by his parents, leaving a void in his life that can never be filled…

What happens when the perfect opportunity to raise his child presents itself… even if it means going undercover as the nanny.


All Grayson has ever wanted was a family of his own, after growing up with self-involved parents. The first chance he gets he says yes, but to the wrong omega.

Max, the child he always wanted. Riley, the omega he never expected. Almost too perfect to be true? Finally the family he always wanted. Or is it? What happens when Grayson finds out the secret Riley has been hiding?

Can the family and love they’ve found withstand the truth coming out?

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Temporary Omega



Sheltered Luca has his first taste of freedom when he runs into an alpha from the wrong side of the tracks. He says all the right words and treats Luca like the most important thing in his life, giving Luca courage to defy his parents and run out on the arranged marriage being set up for him.

But all that glitters…. boy was that saying right.

The shine apparently wore off quickly once the alpha who promised to give Luca the world realizes he wouldn’t be doing so, at least not with Luca’s trust fund.


All his friends are settling down and having families and Linc can’t help but be a little jealous. He grew up in a happy home and had a vision for his future with an omega and kids of his own to spoil––just like his parents.

Not all dreams come true... Betrayed by the omega he thought he was going to spend his life with. Lincoln hasn’t let anyone close enough ever since.

Until Luca. Something about the omega calls to him. Linc must decide whether to open his heart to what could be his perfect mate, or let the best thing that’s happened to him walk out the door when their arrangement ends.

Life is funny. Linc may never know if a chance meeting and a little white lie, might just give him that happily ever after all.

Unforgettable Omega


When a simple conversation could have solved everything. 

Shay met the man of his dreams. Spent an amazing night together, the next step was forever... that was how the story should have gone.

But nothing good ever comes easy or so the saying goes.

One phone call. One missed meeting. Is fate doing everything to keep them apart? Or maybe fate has a name and it’s an ex scorned.


Drew met the man of his dreams. Spent an amazing night together, the next step was claiming him and keeping him... that was how the story should have gone.

But then nothing good ever comes easy, especially when you wake up and he’s vanished without a trace.

A chance meeting. Secrets revealed. Can two men set aside their hurt, and finally find the forever that should have begun five years ago?


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Unexpected Alpha


Aiden Cross needed money. Now. He had a set goal—build his company and make it an international success. So he made a choice very few alphas in his position would, but the gamble turned out to be worth it. The only problem was it left him offspring out there... somewhere.

A billion dollars and a health crisis later, and Aiden can’t help wondering about those children. He needed to know they are okay and leading happy, healthy lives…

He made the decision to track them down because life is truly too short, and they might be the only chance he has at finally having a family.


Quinn Parker met and instantly fell in love with his husband. Their one desire was a family, and they did everything possible to make it happen. Everything was finally going their way, and Quinn was blessed by getting pregnant times three.

But, then tragedy strikes, leaving Quinn pregnant and alone. How would he ever manage on his own... but then he quickly realized he had no other choice.

It had been all about his babies for so long until he meets him… Aiden.

Will Quinn let his guard down to the possibility of new love, or does he still long for the husband he’s already lost?

Will their budding relationship survive Aiden’s secret or will everything end before they have a chance at forever? 

Aiden has one chance to prove to the man he’s falling for that he’s not just a means to an end.

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