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Unsuitable Omega 2020.jpg

Unsuitable Omega

Being the alpha first son comes with expectations: 


  1. Marry the right omega.

  2. Have the next generation of blue-blooded children. 


Marriage is a merger, and happiness is definitely not a requirement. Nickolas is ready to do his duty until an omega walks into his life making him want things he never thought possible.


Nickolas shouldn’t want him; he’s not from their world. He’s not part of the plan. But Jai is the opposite of what he’s used to. Sweet. Kind. And for the first time, he’s met someone that doesn’t seem to care about his bank account. 

Falling for Jai was easy. But can he hold on to his future with his past invading his present?

Undercover Omega 2020.jpg

Undercover Omega

  • Sixteen is too young to have a baby. 

  • Your life will be over if you keep him. 

  • No alpha will want an omega with a child. 


Riley did as he was told and gave up his child even though it nearly killed him.


Now it’s four years later and watching from afar should be enough… Until the perfect opportunity presents itself. 

Being his son’s nanny is more fulfilling than he ever expected. Falling for his adoptive alpha father? That’s definitely not part of the plan.

When the truth comes out, will Grayson forgive him or will he lose his son and the man he loves?

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Unforgettable omega 2020.jpg
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Rescued Alpha 2020.jpg
Forgotten Alpha CR.jpg

Temporary Omega

  • Yes, Papa, I have a boyfriend.

  • Yes, it’s serious.

  • You want to meet him?

  • S*#T!


How did a little white lie end up with him searching for an omega to present to his papa?

What were the odds of him finding one in tears at a party?

And why does this stranger bring out long-buried protective instincts?

It was only supposed to be a temporary arrangement to get his papa off his back, but what if it’s not and the omega and the family he always wanted is right in front of him?

Unforgettable Omega

  • First, he met the man of his dreams. 

  • Then, they spent an amazing night together.

  • Finally comes forever and a baby carriage, right?

  • That was how the story should have gone.


​But, then again, nothing good ever comes easy, especially when you wake up and he’s vanished without a trace.

​A chance meeting puts Shay face to face with the alpha he never thought he’d see again. 

Secrets are revealed. 

Can two men set aside their hurt and finally find the forever that should have begun five years ago?


Unexpected Alpha

Alpha sperm wanted. Paying top dollar.

That was the last ad Aiden thought he’d ever answer.

Now it’s six years, a billion dollars, and a health crisis later.

He can’t help but wonder about the child or children.

He needs to know they’re okay.

Tracking them down is selfish, but they might be the only chance he has at a family.

Quinn is nothing like Aiden expected.

And he’s falling hard and fast.

But can their budding relationship survive Aiden’s secret? Or will they end before they have a chance at forever?

Aiden has one chance to prove to the man he’s fallen for that he’s not just a means to an end.

Rescued Alpha

Jack lost his mother, the only family he’s ever had.

Only that’s not quite true, he has a brother… more than one actually. All from a father he never knew.

Spending time with his brother, shows him what he wants. An omega and family of his own.

One chance meeting and a steamy night later, Jack feels he just might have found what he’s been looking for.

Only the morning after doesn’t quite go as planned.

When Eli and Jack reunite in a twist of fate, will they ignore their sexual chemistry?

Or will they find what they’ve both been looking for in each other.

Forgotten Alpha

Colt & Graham (Unsuitable Omega)

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