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Dominik is a man without a home. 

After everything he holds dear is stolen from him by the one person he thought would never betray him, Dominik leaves the only home he’s ever known and the pack that he was raised to lead. 

The choice is easy… or maybe there isn’t one.

After wandering, Dom finally finds a place that makes him want to put down roots. Along with his best friend, the only one to stand by him, they create a pack like no other. One where everyone is welcome. 

He has a home, now all Dom wants is a quiet life… that is, until he meets Elias.

Dom never thought he would find another home, but maybe fate has a plan and he’s right where he’s supposed to be.


Hunted - ebook Final NEW.jpg

What is an omega to do when a pack alpha sets his sights on him?


Everyone knows what it means to be one of Allister's chosen omegas...and it's nothing good.


So he ran.


Only life on the run is harder than Jacob ever thought until he finds his place with misfit alphas just looking for a home. But nothing ever stays hidden and Allister has tracked him down.


Leo has been on his own for a long time. A small town doc that's given up on the possibility of forever.


Until Jacob walks into his clinic.


Why is he so drawn to the man with the sad eyes? And why does every protective instinct tell him that Jacob is his?


How will Leo react when he finds out there's more to Jacob than meets the eye?


Healing - ebook Final.jpg

You can’t escape your past. Not really. 

Rory should know. It was just his luck catching the wrong alpha’s eye, especially when he’s the pack Alpha who won’t take no for an answer. 

When Rory escaped with his son, he went to the one place he could hide, his baby brother’s new pack. Then he meets Graysen. His mate. He’s everything Rory never knew an alpha could be. Sweet, kind, and caring. But he doesn’t know how to accept what he’s offering. 

Can he ever get over his fear and hatred of alphas to trust his fated mate?

Graysen’s finally found his fated mate.


And some other alpha has mistreated him. Rory is frightened, raw, and pregnant. Fate picked one hell of a time to throw them together, but Gray won’t give up.

Graysen knows Rory is his, and he’ll do anything to be there for him. But what if he can’t be what Rory needs? 

Can Rory let his guard down long enough to give them a chance?



Seduce a man a couple of times, max out a couple of his credit cards, and he suddenly thinks you're soulmates.​

Ace has no plans to settle down.


Free spirit, seducer, scammer. Ace may be a lot of things, but a good little omega isn’t one of them. Now, he’s on the run from an alpha who says he owes him his body. 

But Ace doesn’t want to belong to anyone.


Not even the tall, blond alpha with the southern twang that makes his knees weak. This is just one more scam. One more job. 

So, why the hell hasn’t he cut and run?

Soren knows his fated mate the moment he smells him.

What he doesn’t expect is young, wild, Ace. The redhead has a way of pushing all of his buttons just right. Soren just knows he’s trouble, but the more he tries to ignore Ace the more the omega wants him it seems. 

Soren’s wolf is dying to claim his mate, but Ace is anything but agreeable.


Can Soren show Ace fated doesn’t mean tied down, so they can find their happily ever after? 

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