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Home With Holden

Home With Holden Coming Soon 1.jpeg


All I ever wanted was a family of my very own. Sure my boyfriend isn't ‘perfect’, but nothing ever is right? He stuck around. That’s what mattered.

And we’re going to make it work. Then I’ll have an alpha of my own and the family I’ve always wanted.

The last thing I expected to find when I showed up a couple of days early was another omega with my alpha and the mate mark on his neck that was meant to be mine.

Devastated, embarrassed, and broke. I have no place to go. Luckily, a friend offers me a way out.

Rule one of my new life: No more men! The last thing I need is another alpha in my life.

So why does my new boss smell heavenly? And why does everything in me scream mine? Did I mention I really want to jump him?


My only focus is the family business.

No relationships. And I’m definitely not looking for an omega of my own. Even though the new cook smells like MATE, I refuse to let him distract me.

He's a human from the city. It would be foolish to develop feelings. Besides, he’ll leave as soon as he has enough money.

Too bad my bear doesn't care about reason or logic; it only wants his mate.

Whole With West

Whole With West.jpg


It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, right out of college, a deal to market a major brand.

There’s just one thing, I don’t know the first thing about the outdoors, but you don’t have to use products to sell them, right?

If only my new boss felt the same. Worse, he’s determined to make me into an outdoorsman. It’s the last thing I want.

But the perks, being up close and personal with West, my new boss. If being around him means suffering in the elements, then bring on the pain. As long as he agrees to share a tent and he’s the big spoon, I’ll suffer… just not in silence.



I can’t believe my brother Holden hired a city slicker to market our family sporting goods brand.

Ryland’s idea of the outdoors is camping out for the new iPhone.

He’s frustrating, infuriating and so damn gorgeous. Did I mention he was my mate?

If I want to have a chance with him, I can’t fire him, right?

I’ll just have to shape Ryland into an outdoorsman. If only he wasn’t so distracting, this would go a lot smoother.

But as we spend more time together, I can't help but wonder if there's more to Ryland than meets the eye.

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