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Boyfriend Emergency


When Rafe steps in to save Carter from an embarrassing encounter with his asshole of an ex, he finally has a reason to introduce himself to the man that caught his attention the last few weeks.

Stuck at a medical conference, Carter is forced to pretend that his relationship with Rafe is more than what it is, but maybe everything he's hoped for.

Will their lies lead them towards forever? Or just a story funny story to tell in the future...

Before Summer

This is not a full length.

What happens when you accidentally hook-up with your new boss?


What happens when the first guy you end up with is a teacher at the school you've just been hired as principal?


A chance meeting. A hook-up. Two men running from something... or maybe towards forever.

This is the start of what will be a full length novel featuring Ryan and Colton in their own book "Schooling The Principal."

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