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Boyfriend Emergency 2.jpg

Boyfriend Emergency


When Rafe steps in to save Carter from an embarrassing encounter with his asshole of an ex, he finally has a reason to introduce himself to the man that caught his attention the last few weeks.

Stuck at a medical conference, Carter is forced to pretend that his relationship with Rafe is more than what it is, but maybe everything he's hoped for.

Will their lies lead them towards forever? Or just a story funny story to tell in the future...

Finding his Wolf-1.jpg

Finding His Wolf

His first week out of foster care and Sparrow meets an Alpha he thinks will make his life better. Unbeknownst to him, he’s signed up for five years of hell.

After spending the last five years of his life with an Alpha who abused him both physically and mentally, and saw him as nothing more than a body to fuck and his own personal maid. Who could blame him for celebrating his freedom when his abuser doesn’t come home one night?

He’s finally free, and is fleeing every memory of the past. Only this time he’s not alone. All he wants is a safe home for his unborn baby, but what he doesn’t know is a whole new world, and life, is waiting for him at the end of that bus ride.

SR His Feisty Bear.jpeg

His Feisty Bear

What happens when your loud neighbor happens to be your fated mate.

Pass Interference Vegas Wedding Bonus Scene.jpeg

Pass Interference (The Vegas Bonus Scene)

Marcus and Aidan's secret Vegas Wedding.

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