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Daddy Maddox is LIVE!!

Maddox and Sebastian were so fun to write, especially since it was a first time for me. But I love them and I hope you guys do too.

Dear Santa, I know I have a lot and I shouldn’t ask for more. But all I want is a Daddy that’s okay being a dad too. I love my daughter, but I’m still a boy at heart. I know what I’m asking for is hard. Maybe even impossible. But I have to try. Sebastian is happy with his life, but there’s something missing. A Daddy to call his own. When he goes on a blind date with a Daddy from his app, he never expects the whole thing is a set up. There’s no way this much younger guy is a Daddy, right? Maddox has skeletons of his own. The last thing he wants is to be a Daddy right now, no matter how much he misses it. How much he craves it. But Sebastian needs guiding and his darling little girl touches a part of his heart he thought was long dead. Can Sebastian earn Maddox’s trust and get the relationship he’s always wanted?

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